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The following is a piece of writing submitted by ACLinn on March 27, 2012
"Frankly, I don't actually know why lemmings do this, and did not take the time to look up a possible explanation on the Net."

Think For Yourself and Listen to Your Own Intuition

As I actually abhor reading and reading and reading, whatever is generally written on the Internet. And loathe writing e-mails. I am thinking of compiling a micro-digest of fifty word (or less) stories - for quick bedtime (anytime) reading. Which either overtly or covertly (subtly) include: Setting, Characters, Conflict and Resolution that the reader can take in at a gulp. And, while I've already written a number of these, which are somewhere . . . in my voluminous files . . . Drat!
Here's one a compiled a day or so ago . . . I've got to beat this clock!

Shades of today's social networking sites and "socialism" in general . . .

"But . . . I thought there was safety in numbers!" Cried the lemming as he disappeared off the edge of the cliff. . . .

In truth, a sad story. Next time, I'll write one in 300 seconds . . . or less.

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