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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Edeson on April 10, 2012

A Short Lived Sleep Schedule

My eyelids started to sink as I forced myself to finish the third chapter of Great Expectations. I was trying this new sleep schedule I had heard about where instead of having one eight hour session of sleep, you take a series of six twenty minute naps throughout the day. Supposedly, your body gets into a cycle and soon you have this ability to function on just two hours of sleep a day.
We had a nice three week vacation for Christmas so I, being the adventurous type, decided it to give it a try. I thought that maybe if I could change my sleeping schedule a bit during the break from work I could come back with this great new system of slumber, be incredibly productive, and finally start reading all those classic novels I had vowed to finish before I die.
Unfortunately it was already the second week of my schedule and I was not even close to getting into a cycle. This was the third night in a row I had overslept an extra twenty minutes and even with the extra napping time I was completely exhausted. I blankly stared at the book trying to process what the words were saying but my mind had stopped functioning days ago. Over and over again my eyes scanned through the last sentences, trying to translate them into words but my brain was no longer processing information and by four o clock in the morning the book had fallen to the ground and I was dreaming.

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