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The following is a piece of writing submitted by lokiyourking on September 5, 2012
"Not sure if I want to do anything more of this, just trying it on for size."

Lady Loki's Landing

Lady Loki Drabble/idea
inspired by

The tesseract. I could feel it so very close to me, but unobtainable. Like something just out of my reach, like a word that had just slipped my mind and left my silver tongue shaking and mouth agape.

Suddenly I am wretched forward and landing, quite painfully I realize when trying to stand, to my destination. I grunt, sheerly out of reflex and pain, and the noise uttered does not sound at all familiar.

I fall again, knees jutting out in front of me and landing on my rear. The legs below me look different somehow. Though they are still encased in a familiar fabric and armor, they are much more.. shapely..

That is the first word that pops into my mind. I blink hard and look down again, trying to see if if this was a nightmare of sorts. A slight ache faded into the back of my mind, but the scenery nor the legs changed.

'What?!' I shake my head quickly, worriedly, and a long lock of raven hair hits me in the face. 'That's a little longer than I remember..' I ponder, and reach up a hand that was previously supporting me on the grated floor. I run my fingers through my hair and pull it closer to my face. The sheen was altogether different and much longer. Much softer too. And my hands.. I brought them close to my face. They seemed much thinner but still so strong. I had still had slight callouses from combat, but my nails were longer and my fingers more dexterous.

I soon realize that I had been staring at trivial aspects of myself and jerk my head up and away. I scan the room quickly but only am greeted with darkness lit by the scepter's faint glow. I can feel that the tesseract is still close but I appear to have landed in a room over. And the wrong gender.

'Today is not my day.' I sigh softly and press my hands down on the grating to stand upright.

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