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The following is a piece of writing submitted by KelseyTheQuiet on October 30, 2012


The twanging sound of her brothers guitar sent her on an epic whirlwind of reminiscence. They sent her back to the days where her father blared the radio and she sang along as loud as she could. She could hear her brothers complaints, but she set them aside, due to the joy singing loudly had been able to bring to her. Looking back on it now, she thought, she wouldn't want to be anywhere else. Her brother called out to her, and that had made her realize the tears rolling down her bright red cheeks. He just sat there and sympathetically looked. She, being a good big sister, told him not to worry. He was so talented at playing guitar. She had always told him to pursue it. She looked at him again. Her father then walked into the room. She couldn't control her emotions as she ran up to hug him. It had been at least a a week since the accident had occurred. Or at least it had seemed that way. She didn't know what to believe or to conceive as reality anymore. She looked at her brother, who looked at her with glossy eyes and said "He's gone..." and then continued to play. Her heart sunk. She had known her brother was gone. Both of them. One in the head, one in body. The images flashed back. Walking into the house after a lovely evening out with my friends. Walking in the door and-no. Too painful. Block it out. Like the therapist told me. This isn't my fault.

Think about the future: there's always that. My brothers screeching halted all train of thought. "He didn't have to die!" Tears welled up in my fathers eyes. "I know, son; I know". This was about all I could handle. I had to leave. Right away. I halfway bust down the door, hurled myself onto the pavement and started to bawl. Nothing could express the pain my family had been put through, it just wasn't fair. Then again, life was never fair. Always cruel, taking more then giving. She had lost a brother, his life along with her sanity. When he left, his twin's mind had never returned to the genius he once was. Only a fractured soul. When he went, they all did, in a way. She couldn't bare seeing her brother, only a reminder of his dead twin. As she lay, crumpled on the pavement, she asked why? "Why, if there is a God, would he cause my brother to do such a permanent thing? If only I had come home five minutes earlier he would-stop. Do what the therapist said" she thought. She brought enough courage to go back into her dimly light house. But her mind seemed to control her at that point. She couldn't stop. She wanted to be reunited with her brother. She was the reason he wasn't alive. She needed to do it, finalize what her mind was telling her what to do. She ran into her room, turned on her music, then pulled the rope out. She tied that forsaken knot. Two paths lied in front of her. She pondered both outcomes, and then made her choice.

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