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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Acia N on November 22, 2012
"The characters in this story are not real,any similarties to anyone were not intended.

The writer holds the copyrights of dis story,so u cannot copy it or add it to another website.

Acia N:
Am sorry for not using paragraphs,next time i will"

Maggie And The Martin's

Maggie was a smart and beautiful 11 year old girl,she lived with her mother,father and brother in a small town in Texas,when Maggie was 15 years old she started feeling like there was someone or something following her,she told her parents but they ignored her every night Maggie had nightmares of this three eyed human like beings,everytime she woke up in the middle of the night after a she had a nightmare she would her wierd noises outside like there are people talking ,but she could not here what they were saying the next morning she would tell her mother but as usual she was ignored,when Maggie turned 18 the nightmares stopped,a few moths later she had sex with her boyfriend and that night the nightmares came back,she woke up in the middle of the night and heard the voices but this time they were clear she could hear what they were saying one voice said "we need to do it soon or it will be to late" the other said "we waited for a long time",maggie woke up her boyfriend joey,and said "can you here that....what?.......the voices......what voices?..the voices outside...i Don't hear anything go to sleep",that night Maggie did not sleep,on the next dae she went to see a fortune teller the fortune teller told her that she needs to be carefull and must prepare her body because she has been chosen,ofcourse Maggie did not understand at that time,she finished school,went to collage,got a job and she married a guy named tom,she did not knw were tom was from somehow whenever she saw looked at tom she remembered her nightmares,bt she keep it a secrety,but 1 dae tom came home and looked very strange Maggie asked what's wrong and tom said "nothing wrong honey"Maggie became suspicious,a few weeks later tom asked if she wanted to watch a movie Maggie agreed so they went to the cinema and watched the movie after the movie was done they went to their car bt the car would nt start,maggie turned around and saw the same creatures from her nightmares when she tried to talk to tom she saw that he was to one of them they drugged her then tied her up and took her to their spaceship when she woke up she found out that she was naked her legs were spread apart and tied to the poles by her side and her hands were tied up on top of her head,then the aliens came in and started talking to each other Maggie asked them what the wanted with her and one of them said "we want ur body.....why do u need my body.......were are from planet mars we are here on a mission to gather information on your female race......but why did u choose me?.......because you what we need.......what are you going to do to me?.....u'll see",the aliens talked for a few minutes and then one of them took off the space suits he was wearing and went towards Maggie he then started touching her breast n private parts after a while he went behind her and opened up her butt cheeks,the Maggie felt something enter her it was wet and slimy,after a few hours the alien was done and left,maggie was left there confused and shocked,the aliens came back and brought a scanning machine they scanned her stomach and then they talked to each other and said "it worked we can let her go now"they drugged her and took her home and put her in her bed,when she woke up she thought it was just a dream a few weeks later she started gaining weight when she went to the doctor the doctor told her that she was pregnant Maggie was shocked,she went home and told tom(the alien in disguise)tom just said wow dats gud news,ant then she said "last night i dreamt dat i was abducted by aliens and u were one of them and one of them had sex with me.....maybe it was just a nightmare...yep well i am going to work bye",tom was relieved that she thought it was just a dream,9 months later the baby was born and all hell broke be continued

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