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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Invisible Joe on March 25, 2008

True Riches

Said the king, “When I get poor
I won’t have to live in this castle no more.
I’ll live in a cottage down by the sea
And all that remains of my kingdom will be
A patch of grass and a big oak tree.”

Said the king, “When I get poor
And live in my cottage down on the shore
Where knights and nobles can’t bother me,
My subjects will be a gnat and a flea
And they surely won’t plead on bended knee.”

Said the king, “When I get poor
And don’t have to do the same old chore
I’ll have no gold but time is free.
My simple life I’ll live with glee.
I always wanted dirt floors, you see.”

Said the king, “When I get poor
And live in a cottage with an earthen floor
I’ll spend my days beside my queen
And it will be nice (she would agree)
To sit around having crumpets and tea.”

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