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Writing Resources from Fifteen Minutes of Fiction

The following is a piece of writing submitted by Oscar Wizard on August 29, 2013
"This is just a practice piece."


The youngest bird flew out from comfort nest,
Thinking that its time for life's big quest.
The little wings could not keep up and so got stressed
That tiny bird fell down, you rightly guessed.

But life-enhancing wind down from the west
Brought soul to little friend who lay distressed.
Its eyes were opened, standing, now impressed,
That baby heart still pounded in its breast.

With softest voice, the little bird confessed:
'I failed to do my small-scale flying test!'
The wind advised: 'keep calm, and take some rest,
Before your mother sees you missing from her nest.'

The elfin playmate, now in mother's chest,
Wond'ring why by second chance it had been blessed,
Strives to gain the power and the zest
To prove that wind wasn't an accidental guest.

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