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Writing Resources from Fifteen Minutes of Fiction

The following is a piece of writing submitted by Essa on October 14, 2014
"First attempt to write something readable in 15 minutes."


"I don't give a crap to what you're saying. My goal is to find a gold!"
He shut the door, and the darkness swallowed him.
"What was that about?" she asked herself. The night replied by silence. She was alone in the empty large house. She felt the cold breathing on her back, but when she turned back no one was there. "Of Course, " she thought," it's just my imagination. jack will cool down soon and be back. let's find some nice place to get ready for rest tonight." It looked like she didn't have rest for a long time. Even her bones ache. She was hungry as well but she was tired and didn't want to think about food at this time. "It can wait. Rest, first of all. Then I'll think about the food."
The darkness of the place became thicker, she noticed. "Oh, common, stop immediately this nonsense!" she tried to reason with herself. "How the darkness can become darker. It is already so dark that I don't see beyond the tip of my nose. Cool down, Essa. Jack will be here any minute."
She heard a light noise and a quick movement.
The door opened and Jack entered the room with a small candle, lighting the room. "Look what I found." She was safe. From her fears.

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