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The following is a piece of writing submitted by nezzlenn on November 18, 2014
"It has been years since I have put pen to paper, and find the words come slowly to me with this prompt. It represents to me many things which I tried to incorporate, but mostly it reflects my struggles with my job. "

Colors as People

Red. There was a time when he was my friend. He reminded me of the warmth that comes from being popular or the fiery passion of gaining a fathers approval. I would eagerly wait to go to him, to play, to explore the entertainment he was to give me. the cries of thousands of fans and the exhilaration of a single napkin blowing in the wind as it soared heavenly.

He had a darker side as well.

A side of shame and of passion. At night I would burn for him. He became my hope, my pride and my innocence. And when hope was shattered, I would run from him. I would trade him in for a darker hue of blue, and he became a memory of another time. I do not know how much I would miss him, but when I returned he was awaiting me with open arms.

Underneath his warm exterior lies a shade of passion of lust and of sin. He invited me in as a friend does and now will never let me go. He holds me trapped at my desk all day waiting for the day of freedom and redemption. But freedom never comes. I fear looking him in the eye for the knowledge is ever present that I will only disappoint him. Yet outwardly I embrace his loving hold. All the while inside I am burning awaiting for him to come to me while I crumble, with the smells of shame filling the atmosphere I eagerly await the day I am delivered from him. He has become a fiery serpent, crimson with blood in his soul. I cannot be delivered from him. He holds my home, my family. And everything I need to excel in thrall. Yet every day, I return to him. I walk up the lonely grounds of his property and climb up the stairs to the room where I stay. I am told to keep being patient, and someday I will tell him goodbye. He will always have a place in my heart, I will always bleed red. But I await the time when he becomes once more a joyous shout, a sacred place of learning and reflection. An old friend who misses me. But will only let me go when I leave. Red, my friend, my master. Please bring me peace, and do not let my separation from you be in tears or heartache.

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