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The following is a piece of writing submitted by SabaM on December 28, 2014
"A story of a tree and a butterfly being friends"

Friendship Fields: Stars Shine Bright

In a field as empty as space
A gigantic farmer decided to place
A seed to grow into a tree
That would soon begin to wonder
Why on earth nothing is closer

The tree blossomed slow
And had an occasional visitor
One was nice and one was mean
But all the same none were green
Where were the friends in his dreams

The baleful bee was happy as can be
Making fun of the potted baby
The bee would make sure to sting on sight
Hurting the trees with words so strong
The tree just wanted to close its eyes

At the end of very day and the end of every night
The bee would ask the same sad question
Are you hurt now, do you know you’re alone now
And the response was the same, just as always
Yes I’m alone now, wishing to wilt now

Every once in a while, a creature stirred
One that scared the bee and let the tree free
The golden butterfly always said
Don’t let them get to your head, you’re never alone
The tree nodded eagerly but inside was still gloomy

Day in and day out the cycle repeated
Until finally the butterfly seated
Firm and unmoving on the tree’s first branch
Determined to show how truly attached
The butterfly was the tree’s first friend

Days passed more and the bee gained courage
Determined once more to stir up trouble
Told of how pathetic one tree could be
If it’s only friend was a measly pest
Sad but determined the tree stood still

The bee, aggravated and beat, decided to flee
And the tree rejoiced happily
The butterfly smiled and flew in air
It’s golden sunshine filled the air
The vast land filled and grew like no other
New smiles and wide grins spread like thunder
The bond a small friendship holds so strong
A field of happiness shines above all

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