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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Daethereal on December 10, 2015
"I didn't want to take on the usual holiday spirit, but rather ponder the meaning of peace. Many can give peace different definitions, but it must also be realized that for our world to be balanced, we have to have both sides on yin and yang."

Does Peace Bring Peace of Mind

Peace, as imagined, lies in silence and nature
The world takes and gives, a state of nurture

Peace, I wonder, does it fulfill?
A pond, deep and green
Lillies floating in the stream
A frog perched like a dove in the shallows
Splash, the pond moves and is still

Peace? A man flattens the weeds
The frog stirs underneath and leaves
More, a town, a city
Crash, the pond stagnant with gasoline
No more, the pond, the frog, the peace

Peace, as required, lies in nature and silence
The world takes away man, gives balance

Peace, I guess, does not fulfill
The peace of mind, at least, is a different hill
Where man and nature coexist
Destruction and repair, both must exist
All need understand, accept, forgive

The world, does it despair in this madness?
Does man repair, or destroy?
The world, does it rejoice in our care?
Does peace exist, would it bring joy?

Peace, a word, many can define
A word that gives peace of mind
Joy, hope, love
We all must share
Give and take, the world is in our care

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