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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Jonas on August 5, 2008


I grabbed the rope. And squeezed with all my life. The veins in my arms beat with blood and the rhythm of my racing heart. This wasn’t going to happen again. I would kill him this time. There was no stopping me no one to help him. Just me and him and he was weak, weaker than the last one. And the one before. It was time, I will destroy all of my enemies that had once disrespected and spit on me. They will pay and this one will be the first.

The thick rope strained under the tension. My hands had little skin left as I heaved on the rope more and more but I wasn’t going to stop. There was no stopping me this time. I let out a laugh as he strained and finally it happened. He tripped and fell over the tape on the gym floor. Now I’m the king of tug of war.

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