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The following is a piece of writing submitted by jen_rules_theworld on September 25, 2008
"i like indians
my favorite books about indians are Cherokee Rose
and Bright Are The Stars
both books are written by Al & Joanna Lacy"

Time Machine

i look around and what do i see
a forest with trees as tall as sky scrapers
some berries and they are strawberries yum
a rabbit just ran past my foot thats one big rabbit
i hear a branch snap in half
i dont think i'm alone
i look up and oh look a bee hive :P i dont like bees
i hear a tummy rumble
that wasnt my tummy
i hear a low growl oh boy
i look all around and what do i see
a great big black bear staring at the beehive right above my head
i want to scream but i dont i just back away slowly
then i run for my life
ouch i just tripped
i look up and what do i see
i see the white tail of a deer running away from me
i stand up and look around
i see a meadow with flowers and such
i think i just scared all the deer away
i turn around and right in front of me is a very unhappy indian staring at me
he looks at me and i look at him
he seems to be thinking i'm the strangest thing hes ever seen
understandably so this strange fair skinned maiden with bright blue eyes and light brown hair waring jeans and a t-shirt
he says to me you scared away my dinner
i'm surprised he speaks english
i say i'm sorry and tell him i must be on my way
and he says watch where your going next time
i smile and walk away
i find my way some how to a small stream i'm thirsty
so i lean down and take a sip
i look up and what do i see
a small indian village on the other side of the stream
i wade over across the stream
and i look around at the neat things that i see
i see beautiful stallions all in a corale
i see little indian children running around
i see an old indian woman sitting on the porch of a small cabin sowing a small buckskin dress with tiny beads for the little girl in the cradel sleeping soundly next to her
a very beautiful indian women comes up to me and says you look very tired you should come into my cabin and have some food and a nice long nap
i am very pleased to oblige her and i say thank you
and i follow her to her cabin
its a very cozy cabin with a bear skin rug
i think to myself hey that bear looks familiar :)
she sits me down at a table and gives me a bowl of stew i dont dare ask what type of meat is in it i'm not to found of eating deer or rabbits or bears
so i eat until i'm full and content
and she shows me a nice bed where i can take a nap
i sleep for what feels like hours
i wake up and i'm in my own bed in my own home
i think wow that was a bizarre dream
yet i can still taste that delicious stew
all well it was just a dream

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