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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Adrecka on October 22, 2008
"Based off a true story :)"

School Conversation

"Laur!" Shouted Atty. Laur turned around to look at Atty,

"Yes?" she said slightly anoyed. She took her eyes off Atty for a mineut, and swepped the hallway for any sign of Jake.

"Stop looking he's not here yet" Atty said, she smiled as she saw surprise, anger and acceptance spread across Laur's face.

"Whatever, What did you want?" she said still scaning the room.

"I need to write a Prompt for this website i signed up for and i cant think of anything. Got any ideas?"

"Humm, have it be a mystery about something stupid-ish and have it be like really easy: her sis took it she left it somewhere etc,..."

"OK, that could work."

"Done?" Laur asked as she spotted jake across the hall, she didnt wait for the answer before running off to meet him.

"Yes thanks," Atty said slightly mad and a little hummered

To be Contiuned.

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