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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Adrecka on October 27, 2008
"Just a quick thought i had."


Dear Dairy

Today the world came to an end. The sky burned a bright red and orange. Dust and pollution mixed with fog clouded the air making every thing more then 15 feet away invisible. The ground hasn’t has grass or trees in months, only dirt. Endless miles of dirt, died red from the blood of thousands of lives. Humans fighting humans. I never thought I would see the day when every thing got so bad, we turned against ourselves. I sit here, out in the open. I am tired of hiding, there is no point in living there’s nothing to live for. The few sane people have taken to hiding in underground tunnels with only trusted family by there side. Others travel alone afraid of every one unwilling to even trust those who were at one time closest to them.

The food is running out, what were stores are now rumble, from hundreds of people fighting for every scrape of food from inside there walls. If I didn’t know of the ravages of the war I would say more lives were lost over fights for food or starvation. My own supply is running low. I have only waited, because I had heard of this refugee camp. But as I had expected it wasn’t true, if it had been, then it had already been ransacked. Nothing like that worked anymore, any try for order is immediately crushed.

I can’t tell you who started the rebellion or even which country. Every thing happened so fast, so many people took hold of the idea of no government, that it was more of a mass rebellion. Though there was one person who had to of planted the idea. Any attempted to find out who it was always ends in disaster. This hopefully is my last entree in this dairy, and then I am hiding it some where. It contains almost all the account of these times. If this world ever gets better, someone will find it and hopefully take heed of the words with in. If not… Well let’s hold on to some kind of hope.

~Rita Viola

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