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The following is a piece of writing submitted by juuji on October 11, 2007

The Barren Tree

The mountain peak looked like one single rock, but we knew it must actually be several rocks, with crevasses between them. Out of one of these crevasses grew a single tree.

We had never seen anything like it. High atop the mountain peak, far above the tree line, one single tree had valiantly fought against the elements. Its roots stretched out in all directions; like tentacles of some weird sea creature they spread out across the surfaces of the boulders, seeking a place where they could dive down into the ground and extract moisture.

The tree's bark was rough and sparse, and its limbs, like its roots, were stretched out and twisted in every bizarre angle.

There was one leaf remaining on this ancient, stubborn tree. It wsa about two thirds of the way up the tree, clinging desperately to the end of a nearly barren limb. It shivered in the cold wind, but would not be moved.

Then, in a moment of pique, the wind picked up - for just one second - and twisted that one leaf from the limb. Silently it fluttered, flipping over and over in the unpredictable breeze. First left, then right, up and down, and slowly it flew from the mountain ledge.

And was gone.

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