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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Fountain_Pen_Lover on March 9, 2009
"This recipe idea was created by my friend Asha. I love my bestie"

Recipe For Love

Recipe for Love:

One Boy
One Girl
One Awkward Greeting
Two Stomachs Full of Butterflies
One Romantic Moment
Sixteen Anxious Sighs
Twenty-Seven Worried Breaths
The Ability to Feel Feelings
A Huge Sense of Denial
A Hurried Love Confession
Two Pairs of Lips

Go to an area filled with boys/girls (whatever your preference) and choose. Then be sure to have your awkward greeting. After the awkward greeting you will start to feel the butterflies and a great sense of nausea (this could or could not happen, that is why it is not an ingredient). Afterwards try to hang out with that person as much as possible. Once this happens you will soon have your romantic moment. After that moment, you will most likely get all your sighs and worried breathing in before your next meeting with that person. You will then realize you have felt your feelings of like (or love, depends on the person)towards them, and deny it until you see them again. Little do you know they have felt the exact same way the WHOLE time. DOESN'T THAT SUCK!!!!!????? At that moment you both confess your love to each other, the pair of lips comes into play. this will give you your very first kiss with that person, and one big heaping bowl of love.

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