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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Daisy on August 13, 2009

Woof woof yap yap

"Woof woof!" Lady, my golden retriever barked.

"Yap, yap, yap!" Chewie, the black chihuahua answered through the fence that separated my yard from my neighbor's.

"Arr...roo...Awoo....rrrrrooorroo" Lady seemed to be saying something.

"Yap! Yap! Yap!" Chewie had a more limited vocabulary.

I listened some more, then laughed at myself for thinking they were really talking. But they were....

"Hey, Chewie!" Lady barked.

"Lady! How you doin?" Chewie answered.

"Ok, stop flirting. I just wanted to know what's up with your human."

"What do you mean?"

"Every time we talk, she watches us like she's listening." Lady arrroooed.

"Gimme a break! She can't understand us."

"Oh, yeah? She just laughed when you said that!" Lady pointed out.

"Wow, you think she can understand us?" Chewie asked. "But we're speaking the secret dog language. We're not even using body language like when we run in circles to say we're excited."

"Or when we paw at the screen door to say we need to tinkle." Lady added.

"Or when we jump on their laps to say we need our tummies scratched."

"I'm not allowed to do that one." Lady said.

"Ow! Harsh!" Chewie drooped his ears sympathetically.

"Oh! How about when you put your chin on their laps when they're eating so they'll think you're cute and give you some food! Do you do that one?" Lady asked wagging her tail.

"No, I'm not tall enough. But I wag my tail extra fast and do my best baby eyes."

"Baby eyes?" Lady said, pointing her nose down and looking up with the biggest, baby eyes Chewie had ever seen.

"Wow! You are good!" Chewie sighed in awe. "You should get an Oscar for that one."

"What's an Oscar?" Lady asked.

"Dunno. But I hear my humans say that sometimes. It must be food. Maybe a dessert."

"Hmm...that reminds me. I'm hungry. I always seem to be hungry."

"Yeah, me too. Weird huh?"

"I'm going to go in now and run around my dog bowl." Lady said.

"Me too. And drool. Don't forget to drool." Chewie added.

"Right! Woof with you again soon." Lady woofed.

"Yap yap yap!" Chewie answered.

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