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The following is a piece of writing submitted by BlackRose on March 27, 2009
"This is a creature that appears in a series i've been writing called 'The Adventures of the Iron Wolves'. Rise is the name of the world that series is set."


Within the world of Rise, a race grew from the depths of the Great Forest. A child born from the pairing of Wood Nymph and Centaur. They call it the Risp.

Risps are shapeshifters, being able to change their form into any land creature. A lack of water causes them to dehydrate and die easily, however, they cannot swim.

Risps are free spirited creatures. At birth, males look like centaurs while females look like nymphs. Once they reach five years of age, their shape shifting abilities begin to emerge. At sixteen years of age, their magical abilities begin to develop.

Risps become proefficient in Earth Magics through self-teaching by twenty years of age. They develop specialties in either offensive or defensive magic and it is very rare for one to be proeffeicient in both.

Risps are unable to reproduce, however, they engage in many bonding activities and often pair for life. Parings normally consist of a male/female pair but Risps have been known to pair with the same gender.

The only Risps currently in existance live deep within the forest with the path to their hidden village only known to them. Those who have stumbled too close to their home have never been heard from again.

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