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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Malikane on April 21, 2009
"This is my first poem submitted on this site, so feedback is greatly appreciated. Thank you for reading!"

A Castle Made of Sand

Whipping wind blew 'cross the wild flag
As down the waves crashed 'round the empty moat;
The coastal birds did caw their great delight,
Struggling hard to watch a brutal war;
The crunch of sand, the blast of heat, the boy
Now cried his heart's lament. But lo! Behold!
A father's voice resounds--"Fear not, my son!
It matters not the loss! We'll build again,
Reclaim the land, and flag, and castle, too.
Come punk, come wave, come wind! We shall prevail
Through thick and thin, the times both hard and long.
As long as you would see the castle stand,
I'll be here to give you all my might.
My son, my boy, so is this sand to you,
So you, my son, my boy, are in my heart."

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