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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Audrey_E_Marquis on January 22, 2012
"I recently tried to force God's hand in the area of relationships. I now know that I should wait on him. "

Dreamer, Forgetting

I waited so long
so long in the dark
trying to find you
to gather that spark

I refused to be moved
I told them I fought.
You would come to me,
the one my heart sought

So I decided to seek
to force you to come
to reach to the corners
until you followed me home

All I saw was darkness
All I desired was breath
I would find you my love
but there was no one left.

Bleeding, I realized
how weak I had become
How would you find me
If I had left my home?

How would you reach me
if I was reaching for another?
How would I wait for you
Unless we waited together?

We wait, dear one
Until the One of our hearts
Paired our lives together
That's when we'll start.

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