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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Kenzie Fell Down on November 24, 2007
"Not even that great, but"

Thankful Free Verse

It seems, most often, life's a
Spinning, flashing round about;
no silence or alone.
Always watching for
a slip-up to prove you wrong.

It weighs on the mind.

But here now, I have no pretenses.
It's easy to say it all.
To be, as it were.

And I thank God ever so much that I am honoured
With these guys.
My family, happy, happy family.
Reading, eating, and enjoying music,

We are great friends.

Trying to bribe them into letting us sleep outside.
In the rain.

We are the very best of bad influences...

We are unconditional love...

We are comfort and support...

We are together...

What more can I say?

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