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The following is a piece of writing submitted by lady di on October 30, 2010
"This post is a Grab Bag which uses the following words: debatable, abroad, articulately, ecological, inch, outmaneuver"

Consideration Always

She instinctively reached for the paper towels and pulled off an unthinking handful in her haste to outmaneuver the creeping spill. She caught it just in time - it was within just an inch of ruining her expensive, new carpet. But as she turned to toss the sopping wad into the wastebasket, her inner ecological guilt mechanism automatically kicked in. She had been raised differently. It had always been articulately spoken and lovingly demonstrated that one should always respect the environment in which they lived, and should always consider the possible impacts of their various actions on the continued existence of that same perpetually giving - yet sadly deteriorating and totally irreplaceable - wonderful circle of life. As a child it was easy for her to gain a perfect grasp of that respectful way of living. The normal course of events would be that - as that same child matured into an adult - her life experiences, her reasoning powers, her education, and her many new associations with other people of like mind would all work together to improve upon that inbred "Earth friendly" attitude. In her case, that progression was highly debatable. Did she really need four paper towels to clean up that mess? Wouldn't one have done the job adequately enough? And wouldn't she have had enough time to reach for the wet dishcloth over the sink to wipe it up instead? Wouldn't that have been the more environmentally correct reaction? And would just a few seconds of the substance remaining on her new rug (which she knew she'd pay too much for and didn't really need - and that the money should have been more ethically used in the battle against world hunger abroad) really have damaged it in the least? All these questions and more wrestled inside her brain as she pulled out the kitchen chair and sat down totally disgusted with herself.

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