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The following is a piece of writing submitted by lady di on January 31, 2012
"I have a some love/mostly hate relationship with Winter."

Annual Grievance

Our yearly visitor
knocks unrestrainedly,
rattling both the door
and the calm within;
then gushes in loudly
once entrance is
finally granted.

Doling out an
unsolicited icy hug
to all within close reach -
and blowing only a quick
frosty token kiss
to the more bashful
(and lucky) among us,
cowering in the distance -
she once again intrudes.

Her drab attire
doesn't correspond
to the heavy laden bags
which accompany her.
What she packs
remains a complete mystery.
That is until she suddenly
gets a whim
to unfurl some of her
dormant hidden stash.
Then, beware the onslaught -
for, though often her goodies
can snag one’s interest
in their uniquely enticing fashion,
more often then not
we would have been better off
had they been left

Next, begins
her incessant chatter -
her cold, repetitive, gossipy yarns
and her absurd ranting.
On and on, we listen
in blatant inattentiveness.

When at last she grows weary
of our noncommittal attempt
at communion and camaraderie -
and still totally oblivious to our
prolonged boredom and annoyance
in her presence
during this tedious stay -
she’ll gather her belongings
and disappear in a snit.
Throwing her scraggly gray arms
up in mock chagrin
as she crosses the threshold,
she bids us one final
and not so fond farewell.
Good riddance…
until the next rematch!

In the delightful silence
that follows her departure,
we are gently reminded
that she too
is a wondrous creation of God,
and thus deserves
our uninhibited love
and utmost respect.

A few fleeting moments
are spent in honest reflection
of our inadequacies
in the areas of hospitality
and welcoming.
We pause,
filled with genuine regret,
and repenting
of our failure - once again -
to meet the annual challenge
of responding warmly
and cheerfully
to our unwanted
but ever faithful guest.
We vow once more
to meet her chilling arrival
and bitter innuendos
with an enthusiastic smile.

Until next time…

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