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The following is a piece of writing submitted by scb on November 2, 2007


How could I have lost my job? I thought I was doing great. But six months ago, the boss' niece showed up and now I'm out.

The niece is Amy and at first we got along just fine. She came to me for advice on everything; she had questions about our business and she made me feel like an expert. And a friend. Looking back, she was probably scoping out my job the whole time. After all, I've had it pretty soft for some time now. Once you get the hang of the work it's pretty cookie cutter. Answer the phones, get the boss his coffee, pay the bills and keep the whiners away from him. Smile. Every year I got a gift certificate to my favorite restaurant and a hefty bonus. No wonder I never saw it coming.

Not sure what I'll do next. But not to worry. The 800,000 I socked away paying fictitious bills over the past 5 years should take care of me for about 10 years. I'm sure I'll find something else before then.

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