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Ricochet Rabbit

by Frank

Something like a mix of Watership Down and Robin Hood

The following is a piece of writing submitted by Frank on March 9, 2010

Part one of Ricochet Rabbit

Ricochet Rabbit never made a sound as he moved in the dark, for the was a stealth master of all the forest. His sword did all the talking. He would hide in the shadows and dark places, springing from roof to roof and bush to bush, occasionally peeking his head out and darting the red eyes around in search of things. His nose, like all rabbits, was accute and sensitive to every smell, for everwhere he knew was danger.
Everywhere for a rabbit was danger.
But the danger never found him. For if those keen eyes, or that nose failed him the best defense of all came in. His ears. Tall ears, they heard what the other two failed to detect. In this form he was almost uncatchable. Some tried to catch and eat what they thought was a tastly morsel. The sliding snakes and the clever foxes all tried.
But none found sucess.
For each time they would approach his lair, no matter how quietly (the foxes came very close), he would go from eating his lettuce, carrot, or cowslips that rabbits like to feed on, to fadding into the shadows. The predators, those clever predators, would halt the approach for they could no longer see him. Then from behind a swishing was heard, that was the swishing of Ricochets sword, and when they turned around...
Actually they wouldn't turn around for the Rabbit they stalked was far to quick.
And yes, he would make a short end of them.
All in the forest and surrounding warrens, buroughs, swamps, and familys knew, yes, all knew of the Ricochet Rabbit.
He lived alone, Ricochet did, all by himself, for one such as himself did not need responsibility to burden him, he was free and thats the way things would always stay. A warren, he knew, had too many rabbits, and if he would watch over all of them he might not hear the slow approach of an animal.
And snap, snap, snap, the jaws would go and that would be the end of Ricochet.
He was too clever for that, far too clever.
So Ricochet rulled the woods. All the animals respected and feared him. The foxes and badgers knew that if they ate too many animals he would begin to hunt them, and none of hunters were equal to he.
The rabbits and ground hogs knew not to venture into certain parts of the forest or parts of the fields for then Ricochet would allow others to hunt them. The deer would only drink for certain lakes, and only eat certain leaves and berries.
The only ones would not respect him were the bears. They were to big and strong for his sword to pierce the skin.
Wherefore they made their own rules and did what was best in their own sight.

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