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The Musical

by Frank

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a piece of a longer writing project. You can view the entire project here: The Musical

The following is a piece of writing submitted by Frank on March 26, 2010

Chapter one part three

When the police arrived the Landons were already gone. They had fled the place in hope to salvage the rest of the morning. Someone else (an elderly african-american woman whom had been taking a walk) had also stumbled upon the dead bodies and had a mild heart attack. The police had arrived with weapons drawn and scourged the area.
No one suspisous had been found.
In fact; besides the unlucky couple whom had found the bodies no one else was seen in the area.
Officer James Swanson had called for a team of divers to search the waters. While he waited he also told a squadron to search the lake for any boaters. Two yatchets were found one containing a couple on honeymoon and the other containing a handful of unconsious teenagers.
On both boats no weapons had been found.
Swanson was not happy, the killer/killers were out there somewhere and not on his watch would someone get away with this.
He desperatly hoped.
The waited for longer while searching for bodies. A gun was found half way out of the pocket of one, a automatic .22 pistol which was just as soon put in an evidence bag. Where were the divers? Swanson was sure something was in the water. Another squad car arrived carrying the couple who had first been there. The couple was clearly not pleased at there happy vacation being runied by something as bad as "Dead People". Swanson tried to calm them down and get a few questions in, but the girl kept on asking "Have you found the killer yet?" and "Are you going to find him, its your job you know."
Swanson, poor soul.
"If you would calm down, ma'am, and let me ask you a few questions maybe I would be able to catch the killer."
Then the husband started to rave.
"Im going to have nightmares about that!" he yelled in Swansons face, "Why can't you guys catch him?"
Swanson quickly dismissed them when another car arrived at the scene.
Finally the divers, time to get somewhere.
But when the divers found another two bodies, one of which was a policeman, and another two guns, he called in the detectives.
And, of course, sent the happy couple on their way.

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