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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Darcy on November 5, 2007

The Thirty Seventh Floor

(Arrghhh! We were stuck on the thrity seventh floor ! Whooah!) , which was what i was thinking inside of my head, of couse i wasn't going to loose my cool ifnront of total strangers so i played it calm.
In the corned was an odd looking man warpped from head to toe in a black coat, a person who was clearly an emo was also in the elevator at the time and another sharp looking man was also standing in the elevator reading a newspaper.
I didn't have any reason to be worried about these people until a strange noise started to come form beneath the dark mans coat; i ignored it and continued to wait to be released from the elevator once they had gotten it working again.
I turned my ipod on and stated to listen to some good music when i noticed the strange, dark man was looking a bit odd. I couldn;t pick out what it was but there was definately something odd about the way he stood or looked. My eyes searched from the emo, to the sharp man and then to the ipod in the strange mans hand. Whoah! That wasn't there before. Odd. My ipod had momenarily stoped for some reason. The song had changed, it was a song that i had never heard of. I felt the pit of my stomach fall into oblivion, something was wrong; i could feel it and it had something to do with that odd man in the corner. Just then i caught a glims of his eye. The pupil was rainbow coloured! I fell back into the corner i occupied as the strange man began to open his coat!Whoah!!!! He had three arms!?! His hat fell off and then i noticed that every hair on his head had a different colour! Oh my goodness! What was this man and why wasn't anybody else in the elevator freaking out although the emo seemed to look like he had.Arghhhhh!, i screamed as the three armed man began to press buttons on his ipod that i never seen on a regular ipod before, a deep mist began to surround him. That was the last that we all had seen of him.

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