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The following is a piece of writing submitted by snapper on February 27, 2012

The Riddle of the Sphinx

Once was a girl who lived in a land far a
Way. Rachel knew everything about the land she lived in.
She always dream of being king of the country she lived in so she could make it a better place.

One day her mom said " Its time for you to rule this land forever Rachel. "
The she fell backward because she was so surprised.
Rachel said, " How do I do that?"
" The king sent a note saying who ever finds the rock that makes you live forever can only use it and to be king. “
" Ok I will travel to find the magic rock ". Said Rachel as
He packs his bags.
Then she left her house thinking of the journey ahead of her. She walked 8 hours straight until he bump in to Santa elf.
“ What are you doing in the north pole? “ said the elf
“ I am trying to find the rock that would make me live forever, “ said Rachel.
“ You would have to go to camp Kerm to find the rock,” said the elf while brushing his teeth.

She travels for many days in the freezing cold weather until she got there and met two talking dogs. The dogs said, “ What do you get when you have kids, class work and 6 hour day? “
“ A school “ She said

Like magic the stone showed up out of nowhere like a rainbow shows up after it rains. Then the dogs gave her one last piece of advice “ make up a riddle for the reader to solve and if only the reader solves your riddle only then would the stone would work."

What has 4 legs, small, likes to be around people and likes to sit on laps?

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