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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Maine Character on April 19, 2010
"I love Scotland. I feel that I would fit in very well."

No Land Like Scotland

If I could pick any place in the world to visit, or maybe even live, it would totally be Scotland. Sure I hear that their government is strange, and they have laws against hunting, but I feel that our government is in the process of crashing and burning, so it won't matter anyways.

I would go there because I have a very strong Scotish heritage, and would love to visit the town of which my great grandfather used to live: Derbyshire. Or that county anyways. . .I forget.

Anyways, I am also very partial to the beautiful countryside that Scotland has, and I just love their weather: Rain, and Snow, my two favorite types of weather all year long. That would deffinately be a bonus for me.

I also hear that the people who live there are very nice. Much nicer than the average American.

There are many other reasons why I would go, but I wouldn't want to bore you with those.

Thanks for reading,
~M. Character

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