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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Maine Character on April 28, 2010

The Ninja King, Cobra Angels

Mike explored the cave with caution. He had heard of the Ninja King, Cobra Angels.

He was a ruthless person whom nobody had ever beaten. Some people said that he was lucky, and others said that he was highly skilled. None of these things made Mike happy.

The Ninja King was just a legend, and he was out to prove people wrong. He was supposed to be this mystical, thought provoked hero who one day saved the world a dozen times, and only blurry photos showed some skepticism because of the quality of the image.

It was said that he reside at the top of a mountain in a cave where other ninjas come to seek advice from him, and sometimes, they would challenge him. Needless to say that he was undefeated because he still lived. Mike felt it in his heart that he did.

As he neared the mouth of the cave, Mike felt the warm draft of a cozy fire, and the scent of wood smoke. Tiptoeing down the long throat, and eventually the stomach of the cave, lay a big fire pit that still smoldered, and an empty stone throne that was built into the wall.

It sat high above the fire pit, and looking off to the side, Mike noticed a velvet covered table in which lay two dice.

"What are you doing here? You are no ninja." said an honest voice from behind.

Turning, he saw that it was the ninja king himself standing there in front of him!
Not knowing what to say, Mike studdered, looking quite foolish, but the Ninja strolled casually past him and sat in his throne, picking up a throwing star and tossing it around in his fingers like a poker player would do with his chip.

"I-I am here to interview you. To prove you exist." said Mike, pleading .

The ninja sat there playing with his throwing star as if he didn't even hear him, and then in a wise tone gave Mike an offer.

"If you can best me with dice, then you can interview me. Then we will roll dice to see if you get to leave. You see, nobody is supposed to see a ninja and live."

Mike at first thought he was joking, but by the look in his stormy blue eyes, he hurt inside at the acknowledgement of him not kidding.

Getting ready to turn and run, the ninja called out to him with a calm voice.
"Don't even try it." He said, tossing the star so precisely that it cut off a piece of hair standing up on Mike's head.

Suddenly, with cat-like movement, the ninja leapt from his throne and landed squarely behind the table, and grabbed the dice.

Gulping, Mike sat down, and let his notepad drop on the ground next to him. From up close, he could see that the ninja king was actually very young looking, and it seemed like he was in his late teens or in his early twenties.

It had to be impossible for such a young guy to be unbeatable.

rolling the dice, the ninja didn't even say anything, it just simply rolled into a six and a two.

"You lose the first round." said the ninja, sounding quite unfair.

He rolled again, and furtivly said. "You lose again."

Standing suddenly, the ninja unleashed his sword and held it at Mike's throat, he was about to die, and then, just when he closed his eyes, the ninja began to chuckle uncontrollably.

Peeking one eye open, he saw that the ninja was sitting down again, laughing as he sheathed the katana back in.

"You should have seen the expression on your face! hahaha!"

Mike, was too shocked to laugh too.

"You may proceed with the questions, I have nothing against it." said the jolly ninja with another chuckle in his throat.

The interview went better than what Mike had planned, and as long as he didn't tell people where he lived, the ninja was perfectly fine about the interview.

All in all, the ninja king was an unexpected man whom could become very deadly if you made him mad, but was the best friend you could have if he was your friend.

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