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Airsoft Stories

by Maine Character

These are all true stories from when I play airsoft. Enjoy.

The following is a piece of writing submitted by Maine Character on August 30, 2010

The Element of Surprise

It all started when we began the process of our first Capture the Flag match, and I wasn't going to miss out on the fun.

There was Sandman, Doodies, The PUNisher, myself, and my arch nemesis: Ghost.

Ghost, Sandman, and PUNisher where on one team, and Doodies teamed up with yours truly.

There were two pathways that went around the whole field that went into a loop where as on each end of the field, we had the next best thing from flags. . .cans of Monster.

Not really a fair match, but the pieces were in place, and we were ready to play.

Immediately, I noticed some dense pine trees I could get cover underneath, little did I know that my fellow sniper, Sandman had also picked the same spot.

Dashing onto one side of the mass of trees, I hear the dreaded bb's fly around me.

Turning my head away from our 'flag', I saw that Sandman was aiming for his next kill. . .me.

Immediately, I fired in his direction, and miraculously hit him. He wasn't too happy about it, but he was a good sport and went back to his flag to start over. We had unlimited lives until we got the flag safely to our side.

Half of the field was covered in big dark trees, and so taking the opportunity, I instinctively went to them and hid for a few minutes.

All around me I could see the rest of the field. The were all oblivious that ol' Swampy was making a move for his goal. But going across such open terrain with only tall grass to hide me, I knew that it would be a big risk.

I hear Doodies take out Ghost, but I know Ghost isn't done. . .he's never done. I watched him sneakily as he made his way back to the starting point.

I turn to see PUNisher make a move for it, and I promptly take him out, surprising myself with the distance I hit him in. He is thoroughly confused, for he has no idea where it came from, but obediently, he made his way back up the path. Progress was going really well, that was until I turned to find that Ghost had disappeared into the grass. A panic hits me for a moment, and then calming myself, I take a deep breath, and crawl through the tall grass, trying not to make it move, and staying the next thing up from crawling on my belly the best I could.

Looking up I see that the grass thins out into open ground where the flag sits helplessly in the center. I hear a commotion from far off, but do not hear Ghost's p90 in the mix, all I hear is gunfire, and that's enough distraction I need to make a run for it.

Still staying behind the grass, I dash as hard as I can without tripping on my own suit, and staying out of site as much as possible. The grass gets thinner around me, and that's when I hear it:

The quick 'ratatat!' and then the sharp pain in my side.

Ghost was still watching, waiting, and grinning with that wicked smile. He had gotten me, and the score was once again even.

I make my way back to the starting point and become frustrated with myself.

I, despite my descent shaped body, discover that I've been in the shade this whole time, and the sun is melting my forehead into my eyes, resulting in a heavy, burning grease.

with one eye constantly trying to stay open, I decide that I must do something crazy, stupid, something a new guy would do in my situation, but my body is tired, and I am completely worn out. I've got to make one desperate run for it, and I've got to do it now.

With all reason dashed from my mind, I make a run for it, keeping my head low as I run maniacally up the left path, and when I am not fifty feet from my goal, it happens:

Ghost leaps from a bush with a war cry, firing everything he's got at me.

I instinctively scream a battle scream back when I feel it.

A spurt of red flings past my eyes, and I fall backwards still firing.

My first thought wasn't You just made me bleed, or that he hadn't even seen him before I ran past the bush, but it was the thought in my head of: "Wait, you were a HUNDRED feet East of here! How did you get here so fast?!"

I grimly realize that he has he has the upper score, and I must return, humiliated, I return back to my flag.

It was a clumsy, and stupid mistake that I surely wouldn't make again.

"Don't worry Ghost." I mutter under my breath. "I will get you next time."

Tiredly, I run up the path way again, this time, seeing him cross the path onto my left, leaving me completely exposed. I see PUNisher firing his shotgun at me, I fire some shots to keep him at bay and Ghost and I exchange an epic standoff, Just long enough for Doodies to capture their flag. . .

I had lost a battle, but it was Doodies who won us the war.

The following is a piece of writing submitted by Maine Character on August 30, 2010

Fields of Oblivion

Today I actually played in a field with very tall grass and the occasional shrub and bush. I took some grass from my surroundings and covered myself with them, for my ghillie suit is dark green and I was in a very tan looking field.

Sitting behind a bush, I hear some commotion not far away. I hear the dreaded sound of the Japanese-built P90 my arch nemesis, 'The Ghost' fires it and I soon hear a 'hit!' afterwards.

I flashback to how every week we kill each other the same amount of times and I've yet to even out the score.

Crouching there, I see the player, 'Doodies' run out of the denser brush. . .he has one life left after Ghost and 'Sandman' took him out. We all have three lives, and I had finally seen him rush out and hide behind a thick bush. . .little knowing that I was comfortably situated squarely behind him from about thirty feet away.

Bouncing and dashing between bushes behind him, he not only doesn't see me when he looks right at me, but he turns the other way, exposing himself more so in my direction.

I have the perfect opportunity, and I promptly take him out and duck immediately after I fire.

He lets out a yelp, and goes over to the stone wall to watch us finish the game. He still has no idea where I am.

Knowing now that he can't harm me anymore, I crouch my way further from the dark brush where I had seen Ghost, and I sit behind a taller bush and lay on my back, pointing my gun in the direction I know Ghost is in.

Just from the top of a small hill Sandman approaches Doodies casually, and I move my gun towards him with an outstretched arm, just in case he isn't out.

He stands maybe forty feet from me and his eyes grow big.

Trying to unstrap his rifle from his arm, he pulls off a shot that nearly misses me, and I finish him off with my fully automatic. He has one life left, and runs down over the hill.

I dash back towards the dense brush again, and depending entirely on my camouflage, Ghost runs out to see the commotion, he fires a few shots, and takes out Sandman. . .Sandman is now out. It is just Ghost and I now, and he has one life left. . .

I take my shots, cutting down blades of thick grass in front of him as he crouches in a sad attempt to stop my stinging. . .Ghost is out, and I have won. . .for now.

The following is a piece of writing submitted by Maine Character on September 27, 2010
"These events are true and unaltered. "

Hidden Dangers

It all started when we had a V.I.P match going. A match in which two body guards with unlimited lives had to protect the V.I.P. with one life against us, whom only had two lives.

The match had begun and the two rather cocky players decided that they would protect the V.I.P. and muscled their ways along the thickest part of the field: The area covered in the most vegitation and trees.

The first guard came by, scouting the area and sweeping out all of my reinforcments, he took out more than half my team, forcing them to retreat to a safer distance. I on the other hand, mustered the courage to stay put, knowing that sooner or later they were going to cross my path.

With not much time passing I eventually found the first guard. He circled the entire area I was in to make sure that nobody was waiting for the V.I.P. to come along. He found a comfy little bush to sit in and sat quite confident that nobody was around. What he didn't know, was that he was sitting ten feet away from the point of my gun!

Glancing around, he motioned over the sniper and just when I thought it couldn't get anymore intense, the sniper came along and sat six feet away from me, firing at everybody behind me out in the open field and trying to cover the V.I.P. whom I knew was coming sooner or later.

I quietly pointed my gun at both the sniper and the first guard, but neither of them even suspected my presence. That's when I saw it:

The black hat and red t-shirt. My target was in view, but I would have to wait a little longer for him to get in front of me for a clearer shot. The sniper told him to make a dash for the next bush down the path way, he would have to get by me before he would get to that bush. But like a scorpion, I was poised to strike.

I hear gunfire from across the field, and the V.I.P. ducks down, and I throw a heavy sigh, wishing I could tell the others in the field to stop slowing the process of my kill.

That's when it happened. The V.I.P. finally stood and made a crazed dash past me. But I was waiting. Firing as he ran by, he ran directly into my line of fire, and put his hands up.

There was sudden silence, both from my teamates and the other two whom sat close to me. They still couldn't figure out where I was. That's when I stood up. The look on the sniper and other guard's face were clearly written with surprise. I had outdone them, I had won the round, and the two couldn't get over how they hadn't seen me.

Stepping out of the bushes with with a smile, I gave them high fives for their effort, and wandered into the field. My team couldn't find me neither the whole round, and lucky for them, I was wearing my ghillie suit, which saved me a life, and us the battle.

The following is a piece of writing submitted by Maine Character on November 4, 2010
"My friend and I are what you might call snipers. This is just a little something I made for him and myself."

I Am the Specialist

I am the reason why you look behind you.

I am the reason why you fear.

And if you want to play with me,
You may no longer be here.

I am the specialist, and this is my gun,
See me shoot once, and that is my fun.

I am the last thing you see, but in most cases don't.

For I am hidden, and you are not.

I am silent, while you are not.
And once I've had my fun, all you'll do is rot.

If you run, you'll only die tired,
many have died giving it a try.

I am the specialist, and this is my gun.

See me shoot once, and this is my fun.

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