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The following is a piece of writing submitted by XxlillyxX on May 23, 2010


And so the fall arrives
The trees turn golden and orange
The sunlight light their leaves
As they fall to the brown grass.

But just in the other side
Another tree is growing
His summer color preserves
His green leaves play in his branches
as his branches make their way to reach the sun.

The orange trees full of jealousy
Gather all together
Giving their back to the green tree.

The evergreen tree turn and said
"Why are you so far from me"
A deciduous tree turn and said
"Because you are diferent,
and because you always stay green"

The evergreen tree didn't understand
"Why you don't want to be with me?
It's because I'm always green?"
The deciduous tree shout then
"We always end nude in winter, while you
You always stay with those green cloths
that cover you all the seasons!"

The evergreen tree laugh then
"You don't have an idea
of how many times I wish
I could be like you. Because all the seasons
animals stay above me or eat my leaves,
humans cut me down
While you are safe just like you are"

The deciduous tree though then
that maybe being just like you are
it's just fine because everyone
has good and bad things.

And so everyone stay together.

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