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Dark days

by XxlillyxX

Someday the wars will end, but before that some event needs to transform violence in peace.

(this is my first play)

The following is a piece of writing submitted by XxlillyxX on August 29, 2010


<<In the times of wars, arrange marriage was so common. But what if the erson that you love is about to get married? What if he loved you too? Would you give everything for him or her, or would you just stand there and watch?
Long time ago, when kings still ruled, there was a young prince, handsome, loyal, intelligent and kind. He was popular with women, but still, no one was good enough for him. He didn´t cared about money or territory nor their body, but what was inside of them. >>

(Prince Alexander enters)

PRINCE:(Shouting) Father! Whats going on here?! When did I accepted to get married?!
KING:(Calm) Alexander, princess Katrina is a good woman for you, understand that.
PRINCE: (walking from side to side) Maybe for you, but not for me! I won´t get married, I´m just 19!
KING: Son, I´m old and sick, you need to get married before I die.
PRINCE: And I will, but not now, at least let me choose the one I want.
KING: Alexander...

(Enters princess Katrina)

PRINCESS: (Crying) My lord... I couldn´t resist to hear your conversation, why you can´t marry me, your highness? What´s wrong with me?
PRINCE: There´s nothing wrong with you, it´s just... it´s just too soon.
PRINCESS:(smiling a little) I don´t care if I need to wait, but is my wish to marry you, your highness.
KING:(staring at Alexander) It´s fine he won´t matter about time(serious tune) right Alexander?
PRINCE:(Growls) Yes I do!

(Alexander get out of the room angry)

KING: Don´t worry Darling, I´m sure he will marry you, just do as I say
PRINCESS: But... if he don´t love me, then why?
KING: He sure will, I´ll take care of that.
PRINCESS: (Walking toward the kind) But your highness(touch his hand) you sure know I don´t love him.
KING: (removes his hand) Not now Katrina, you´ll marry Alexander or you won´t come to this kingdom again.
PRINCESS:(Angry) Fine..!

(Katrina leaves the room) (Grima enters)

GRIMA: Your highness (Approach the king) the prince escaped from the palace, some people said they saw his walking on the streets of the city.
KING: Grima, my loyal councelor, you always checking my back, thanks for taking care of my problematic son.
GRIMA: It´s alright your highness, what do you want me to do?
KING: That kid... he only cause problems... Go find him now!
Grima: Yes your higness

(Both get out of the room)

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