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The following is a piece of writing submitted by marlowe kitt on March 29, 2010

The Leviathan's I

Life has begun: we cannot escape.
From primordial ooze to the Great Grape Ape,
From Halberds and Spears to Penney's and Sears,
The Leviathan's Smile stretches ear to ear.
From Up to Down and Left to Right,
We journey by day and sleep at night.
Manas, the mind, is covered in snow;
The footsteps of memory in time do not show,
And Ashes the Body: Dust be the Mind
Wisping away on the Zephyr of Time.
The Sufi sings, the Dervish spins,
The Saint sublime, the Sinner sins,
Ganesha clears the path of beams,
While on and on the Brahman dreams.
The Current flows, it comes and goes.
And where Wind lists, who knows? who knows?
We Dream the Dream and Spin the Dance,
We Journeymen of the Soul's Expanse.

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