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The following is a piece of writing submitted by marlowe kitt on April 14, 2010
"I've always been fascinated by the little rhyming patterns we try to make up in school to remember what type of meter is what. I looked up the origins of these funny little words and came up with this. Hope you like!"

Iambe's Feet: Meta Poetry

Iambe was a goddess Greek.
Who purposed to describe her feet:

Trochee is her wheel that's rolling
Back and forth like bells a-tolling.

Dactylic's Greek for the finger bones of her hand,
Portioned exactly like rhymes of the samest span,

But when snapped, Anapest fingers whack
A new rhythm that means to strike back.

Spondee starts a phrase and means libation:
It fills to emphasize a diff'rent machination,

But Pyrrhic verse is a costly victory. Alone,
The poem comes out sounding monotone...

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