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The following is a piece of writing submitted by MarkHudson on July 22, 2010
"I watched an old episode of Star Trek on Tv last night and wrote a poem about it"


Frozen Tundra

Mark Hudson

In a Star Trek episode last night,
Jim and Spock are lost in a frozen tundra so white.
Kirk is in a version of the Inquisition,
Where witch- burners view him with suspicion.
" Where did those voices come from? Spirits beyond?"
Kirk uses swordsmanship to save a blonde.
An evil old man owns a time machine out of control
And keeping everybody a prisoner is his goal.
Kirk had a cell phone before it happened for real,
TV predicts the future with amazing appeal.
Spock and Jim wander through the snowy night,
JIm falls down, a victim of frostbite.
A stranger appears in a robe made of fur,
A prisoner of the old man he chose to lure.
Meanwhile, Kirk has landed in jail,
Scheduled to burn as a witch without bail.
He clobbers a guard and grabs the keys,
Opens the lock and he's set free.
He must get beamed up as soon as he can,
He must stop the old man's dastardly plans.
The old man pulls out what looks like computer CDS,
Which have different historical eras on these.
He finds the one that Spock and Jim are trapped in,
And beams them up and then leaves with a grin.
They travelled through the universe in just one hour,
Boy, do I wish that I had that power!
But no, I just sit like a couch potato and see,
That nothing is crazy as the stuff on TV!

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