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This page contains a listing of all writings by MarkHudson.
Take your time at the grocery line
Selling bad charcoal pencils
Vacation panic
Tai Chi
Art school is fun
Don't be afraid to kick the bucket
Graduation into Madness
God hates war
Good moon and Bad moon poem
The original mother (Eve)
Eyes and Ears
April Fool's day joke
A Hard Test
Waste not want not
Texting and tweeting
Spring Fibonacci
Shamrock shakes
I'm a pie kind of guy
Taking the wrong job
Dependent on the train
How did Orwell know?
Valentine's day-2013
Superbowl vs. Rock n. Roll
Ice storm)
Art makes me content
Back to Nature
The Abc's of art
My writing group
my teeth hurt
Black and White Christmas
Tick, Tock, doomsday? hopefully not
Black friday library
Top this one, turkey lovers
Either way we're doomed
Haste makes waste
The unicorn cafe in Evanston llinois
I killed a fly Thursday
The life of Noah
Bad timing
Too much time on my hands
Art professor
Balloons are for kids
The Tie that Binds
Bug Sonnet
Letter from Camp
Summer Camp
Turtle surgery
Poem about the Fourth of July(Gratitude)
Goodbye is such sweet sorrow
portrait of the father-by Cezanne a painting
Rain and the train
Jack and the Green stalk
Fellowship of the king
Painting jokes
Mother's Day-haiku
Spot Forgot
my niece and nephew
Hinkety Pinkety
Easter Haiku(sorry)
Rock and Roll, baby!
Proofreading and pirates
A St. Patrick's Day proverb
Swimming at 5:A.M
The Riddle of the Elections
The good old days of open-mics
Donald Trump
Stem Cell research-a poem
Cabin fever
Where your waffle goes
Nightmares and voices
Happy 2012
More ups and downs for the holidays
Roller-coaster Christmas
Christmas op-ed piece
Art and math
Public transportation
My mother
Halloween sexy ladies
Around the World in 80 days
Cheese a sonnet
At the Zoo
My book
Autumn fair
Changing Seasons
my pastor's sermon on 9/11
Team america
Printmaking classes
Fear of work
The wallet dream
New pet
the letter x
Dependence on power
Annoying Tv
Trip to canada
The weather Manifesto
Keeping my apartment clean
Why I value books
The garage sale
Doo-Da stamps
An ad for my road trip story anthology
Easter Sunday
Poetry workshop
Anger and resentment
Golf Cart
meat and nicotine
a poem about marriage
Pulling the plug
Too busy to exercise
Frozen Screen
high school hospitilization
The Tree
Airbrush machine
How we watch Tv and films
The next text
A poem about the president
Broken computer
Do you still believe in Santa?
Sermon of the pink tile
Lost in Space with Jesus
Christmas Shopping
Seasonal dream
Thanks but no thanks
Veterans' Day
Hallowween 2010
On the Reservation
A day of spirituality and humility
Nightmares about working
Car story on Martha's Vineyard
Top ten by Mark Hudson
Still a wimp at age 40
Back to School
Algebra Nightmare
From Betrayal to Jail
Animation project
A Cold Stranger
Mysterious Tattoos
Shaving, dude?
Shadow of Doom
Faded Solo
Guinea Pig Paradise
Your First Pet

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