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The following is a piece of writing submitted by MarkHudson on July 25, 2010
"I've been in a new apartment this summer, with a brand new pet, a guinea pig named Twitches. She cheers me up when I'm down."

Guinea Pig Paradise

Guinea Pig Paradise

Mark Hudson

The old family I lived with had riches,
But they made me nervous, thus the name Twitches.
They purchased me from Wilmette Pet Store,
But they didn't want to take care of me any more.
The girl who owned me with me seemed bored with me
Outside in a cage I sat in misery.
They gave me to Mark Hudson as a gift,
At first I did not trust him my eyes would shift.
It took a long time to get used to his love
He offered me carrots and lettuce from above.
I'm a guinea pig, I've been saved from harm,
Recently,I licked Mark's arm.
To show him that I feel satisfied and glad,
I'm grateful to say that Mark Hudson is my dad.
And although he has no children, with whom I could play,
I know that I'm with him, and I'm here to stay!

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