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The following is a piece of writing submitted by MarkHudson on August 4, 2010
"This actually came to me at 2:00 in the morning!"

Shadow of Doom

Shadow of doom

Mark Hudson

After the nuclear war, things are numbing
No more electricity, no more plumbing.
Man blasted back to prehistoric ages,
Gorillas fighting over control of the cages.
Fish come to the surface with more than two eyes,
Governments reign with the help of some spies.
No more progress in the timeline of man,
The nuclear bombs cleaned the Earth spic and span.
The creatures of war have gone down to their graves,
The remaining few people are men so depraved.
They try to rub sticks to recreate fire,
But the Earth is a product of that ultimate liar.
Beelzebub rose to destroy man again,
Man will start rebuilding, but they don't know when.
People look at their wounds and their scars,
The lucky elite escaped back to Mars.
It's a time of transition, the peace did not last,
Better learn how to defend yourself really fast.
Because it's a no-man's land, the draw of the sword,
Look for some food and water to hoard.
Those who died were the fortunate majority,
But the ones left behind can't consult the authorities.
It shows that man is like the shadow of doom,
I guess the Earth people just ran out of room.

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