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The following is a piece of writing submitted by MarkHudson on August 6, 2010
"I was bummed out over some things i lost. But gratitude depends on what we have left, not what we lost."

Shaving, dude?

Shaving, dude?

Mark Hudson

Recently i've moved to a new apartment, and i've misplaced some things of significant value. One thing I can't seem to find is a portrait of me done by a female friendwho was a good friend of mine. The other thing I can't seem to find is the discs which contain all the novels I wrote back in college. I was thinking of doing some rewrites and now I can't find them.
I was feeling discouraged, and then I got a really high electric bill which I reluctantly paid. i was feeling on the pity pot. Then later that night, I went to Jewel/Osco to buy shaving cream and razors. i decided to shave my beard, because i'm taking a vacation.
In the checkout line, there were people behind me buying booze. Some alcoholic behind me, who was apparently drunk, said, " What party are you guys going to?" And they said, " Lollapalooza," and they had tons of booze. The boozer behind me seemed drunk and he was buying another bottle. He said, " Shaving, dude? it's about time you got rid of those whiskers, maybe you could keep the mustache," and he was really distracting.
He told the clerk that he was living in the park, and he used obscenities in his speech that I'll leave to your imagination. Somehow, I think it was a lesson in gratitude. i could be like this homeless man, sleeping in a park!
This is the second time i've lost a large body of work. In my old apartment, I had a bunch of paintings in the basement, and there was a flood, and sewer water ruined my paintings. I was discouraged, but i vowed to not give up on my creative dreams. And once again, I'm faced with a challenge. Can i start fresh?
Maybe my clean-shaven face is the start of a new image. But i kind of miss my beard. But maybe now, I won't look like i live in the park. Thanks, God!

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