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The following is a piece of writing submitted by MarkHudson on August 16, 2010

Animation project

When I was a student

Mark Hudson

When I was a student at columbia College in Chicago I wanted to study animation because I was a good cartoonist, but I had no experience with computers(This was back in the nineties.) I took the animation class but found it really difficult because it was really technical, and there was a lot of fancy equipment, which I couldn't comprehend. So I told my teacher, " I have a learning disability, and i'm having trouble with this stuff," which was somewhat true. And he said, " Okay, I can live with that," so I proceeded with the class. I made a short silent film which was very short and silent of a ring floating through the air, a man landing in it, and then going down a water slide in an intertube. Towards the end of the semester I needed to finish my final project and I was nowhere near being done. So this man helped me, and he was running late for his job at Jewel. He helped me finish my project, even though it meant being late for his job at the grocery store. So I switched my major to fiction writing, and graduated. I'm a little more computer-literate now, but I'll never forget that stranger risking his employment to help me!

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