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The following is a piece of writing submitted by MarkHudson on August 31, 2010
"This is a tricky prompt. It could unleash painful experiences from the past. some people laugh when i tell this story, but at the time it was really serious"

From Betrayal to Jail

Back in the ninetie's, I had a friend from alternative school who kind of acted like a bully. He entered the army, and then Operation Desert Storm broke out. He wasn't in combat, but he had to clean up dead bodies after the combat missions. He came back a little disturbed. One time when he came back we went to the Taste of Chicago and he was looking to pick a fight with someone. He bought an ice cream cone and said, " Dare me to throw this ice cream cone into the crowd?" And I said, " No, don't," but he did it anyway. The ice cream cone went flying way far across the crowd and almost hit a cop in the face, but the cop ducked. We tried to run, but the cops were over in no time. The cop said to me, " Get on your knees!" So I did, and he handcuffed me. They told my friend to do the same, and he said, " This is like Rodney King!" And they beat him with their club and sprayed mace on him. The crowd applauded.
They put us in a paddy wagon and my friend was bleeding. We spent the night in jail and were put in seperate cells. We were given rotten bologna sandwiches to eat. They let me out before they let my friend out. They had taken the shoelaces off my shoes but forgot to give the shoelaces back. So I had to walk home, I don't even know where I was(Perhaps 26th and California) all the way back to the suburb I live in which is Evanston, because I didn't even have money to get on the train. They let my friend out much later, and when he went back to his car, it had been stolen! When I got to Evanston, the sun was just coming out. I'd been walking all night with no shoelaces in my shoes! I made a collect call to my parents and they came and picked me up.
The final straw with this friend was when he bought a gun. I didn't know what he intended to do with it, but I figured he wasn't a person who should have a gun. I left a message on his machine, " Don't ever call me again," and he didn't. I have no idea whatever happened to that guy, but he sure was scary!

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