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The following is a piece of writing submitted by MarkHudson on September 6, 2010
"I guess I wasn't meant to be a rocket scientist. But if I was, I'd have to build nuclear bombs, and I'm peaceful!"

Algebra Nightmare

Algebra number

Mark Hudson

I don't have a favourite number. but I do have a story about Algebra. Back in the
Eightie's, when I was in high school, I was more concerned with partying and having
fun then doing my homework. to this day, math was my worst subject. I think at
this point I have a college degree, but a fourth grade math level. My parents sent
me to my neighbors, the Chuas,(Phillipinos,) to study Algebra. Mr Chua was a
very smart man, and a patient one to deal with me. I would struggle with Algebra
every night, and the reward got was Mr. Chua's wife would cook me dinner; delicious
Philipino food. I buckled down for that delicious meal at the end of the lesson. I
remember she was pregnant with a girl, and I think they wanted to name it
Valerie or mallory after their favourite Tv character. I remember one time, we
were studying LCD ( Least common denominator) And he said, " LSD. I mean
LCD! Anyway, those hippies make themselves miserable!"
Anyway, all that studying, and I barely passed with a D. To celebrate, Mr.Chua's
wife cooked me a Philipino delicacy, eel, and it was my favourite meal I had.
I'm grateful to the Chua's to this day, but to this day......I hate math!

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