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The following is a piece of writing submitted by MarkHudson on September 20, 2010
"This was the longest piece I've written. It's pertinent, because i'm trying to take better care of myself as I age."

Still a wimp at age 40


Mark hudson

My grandfather was a great baseball player, and along with his ten or something like that brothers, they made one great baseball team. But I did not inherit the athletic genes. Growing up, it was like I was the worst athlete in the world. I came home from school one day from soccer, and told my parents I had a fun day,and they immediately signed me up for the soccer team. The first day there I went to kick the ball, landed on my head, and had to go the hospital. When I got better, they brought me back to sign up again. I didn't want to play, but there were these two macho soccer players there and I thought they would think I was a sissy if I didn't sign up. So I signed my name on the contract. That year my fellow players would inform me I was the worst player on the team. And I had allergies as a kid, and so I'd sneeze, and there'd be this long trail of boogers from my nose. I spent most of my season on the bench. One time, it was cold and we were jogging and i told my coach, " I think my brain is frozen," and I never heard the end of that one. I wanted to quit the team, and may dad told me, " Winners never quit, and quitters never win." I thought that was really dumb advice, considering that art and writing were my dream, not soccer.
Speaking of boogers, I went swimming today, and I was having fun until a yellow booger rose to the surface and there was no mistaking it-it was a booger. I immediately got out of the pool and called it a day. Like I said-I hate sports, but I try to exercise every day because I'm almost forty and I spent my younger teen years ill-spent. while I'll never be good at basketball or baseball or football or just about any sport, I at least try to exercise because I have a big belly and it is good to exercise, not to try and be a jock, but to practice health and well-being. I have been able to practice a free tai-chi class that is available to me and I love that very much. I have never had to use it for self-defense but I live in the chicago-land area so you never know, it might come in handy. I still consider myself a beginner. But I like working out at the YMCA where I go because everybody is on a different level, some people are body-building and are really strong, some people are weak or fat, but everybody's just got the same goal to be in better shape, and nobody judges anybody. It's not like those movies like " Revenge of the Nerds" where it's jocks vs. nerds. As I've gotten older, I've learned the art of watching a good basketball game or football game and watching people who have skills at what I'm not good at. ( An x-rated movie would fit into the same category, but this is a g-rated website.) But I have, however, won awards in poetry contests about ten times. So as they say;To thine own self be true!

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