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The following is a piece of writing submitted by MarkHudson on October 11, 2010
"Work is the curse of Adam and Eve. Either you are an
unemployed freaker, or you're stuck in a job you can't quit because they are so bloody hard to find."

Nightmares about working

My dreams are very vivid and very creative. One time I had a dream that was so vivid that it became the subject of a novella I started. But usually my dreams are about a job I had in real life I couldn't stand; I worked for ten years as a peon at a movie theatre. I quit the job six times and kept crawling back and they'd rehire me and after ten years of service, I finally got fired. That was about ten years ago, but I'd say to this day I have nightmares about every other night. lately the dreams have been that i've been coming to the theatre on my day off to see some really horrible horror movie, and something happens like i find out i'm fired. I had a dream that i was going to the movies and i ordered a big tub of popcorn and a large soda, and i left it on the counter, and when i came back, someone had eaten half of my popcorn.
I remember when i worked at the movie theatre i started out as a ticket-taker, and i had to wear a goofy suit, and one of my old rivals came in from high school and said, " What you been up to?" And i said, " Working two jobs," And he said, " Well, I'm going to dentist school,' and as he walked out of the theatre, he stuck his head in the window and laughed. It was at that point that i thought," My dreams are over, I'll never become a successful writer or artist."
Then i also knew a woman at the time who was a camerawoman for major films. She jokingly said, " we're both in the movie business. I'm on top, and you're on the bottom." It was true at the time. Now she is divorced with three kids, unemployed, and needing help from her parents. I'm not married, I don't have kids, and with the recession the way it is, i'm ahead! But not for long. the recession will affect us all sooner or later. things are changing so fast there is no way to predict the wave of the future. So i'm grateful for sleep when I can sleep, and the release dreams have. I also often dream of some vacation resort I always go to and maybe i'll find that place in real life till then sweet dreams!

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