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The following is a piece of writing submitted by MarkHudson on October 19, 2010
"on Sunday i went to church twice and recieved immediate blessings. No I'm not a holy roller, I'm just a sinner saved by the grace of God. But on Sunday, I realized that God is good!"

A day of spirituality and humility

Well, I don't know if this answers the prompt's question, but I'll try. It has to do with my sunday, and a humbling experience. On Sunday, I went to the church for the morning service. We had a guest speaker from our church planted in Kenya, Africa. He said the biggest problem there is poverty, and what they don't like is when white missionaries or American missionaries come over, think they are going to fix all the problems with money, and then just leave. He said nothing gets fixed that way. He said they want people to be involved in the long-term, to establish friendships with the people in Africa, long-lasting friendships. Then I came back for the 4:00 service. The topic this time was homelessness in Chicago(I live in the nearest northern suburb of Chicago) and apparently, there are up to 75,000 homeless people in Chicago. A lady from my church is starting a homeless ministry.
I took the bus to church, and I saw a friend from church. I said, " Oh, could I get a ride home from church?' And he said, " Yes, but I have to stop at the gas station," and I said, " Well, i'd give you gas money, but I'm broke," and he said, " Oh, no, I didn't expect you to give gas money. I've had plenty of free rides from people lately. There is a parable in the Bible about a master who says to the slave, where's the money you owe me? and he says, I don't have it. And he says, I forgive you. Then the slave goes to a slave and says where's the money you owe me? and the slave doesn't have it, so the other slave beats him up. So the master hears about it, and throws the first slave in jail."
After church, I couldn't find my friend who was supposed to give me a ride, so I decided to take a bus. At the bus stop, there was an african-American man with a suitcase. i wondered if he was homeless, because he had a suitcase. He struck up a conversation. " these suitcases are good for carrying groceries!" he said.(My church is right next to a grocery store.) he said, " Don't I know you from somewhere?"
" I don't think so." I said.
Well after talking for a few moments, we realized where we knew each other from, he was my neighbor from across the hall in my apartment building! He told me he went to Northwestern to be a chef and he was an excellent cook. He invited me into his apartment and cooked dinner for me. He said he'd be making chile in a few days.
I thought about the days events, the preacher from Kenya Africa, the homeless problem in Chicago, the Biblical parable, my new-found friend, and God's grace, and a new humility came over me. I must count my blessings on a daily basis!

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