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The following is a piece of writing submitted by MarkHudson on November 17, 2010
"hard exercise"


This is a hard exercise. i don't know what to say from a lion's perspective, but today I watched a movie Rhinoceros! with Gene wilder from 1973. it was about an alcoholic man who realizes that everyone around him is turning into a rhinoceros. I give the movie three stars. it reminds me of the play No Exit where sometimes you realize that people can bring you into their private hell. I am definitely powerless over people and the problems they cause in my life. I love to spend time with myself, because you have to be your own best friend. As a friend pointed out, nowadays everybody is dedicated to themselves and everything is about self. A friend said when he used to ride the train people would be talking to each other, now everybody is listening to an ipod or reading a kindle and people prefer technology over people. To be honest, sometimes I do too, because half the time, when you let people into your life they just use you. God will protect people like Daniel in the lion's den, and the Chilean miners. But i don't know why he loves us or created us. i would be sorry if i made this creation. there are so many people I'm powerrless over, so many unreliable people...God help us all! we don't deserve it..

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