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The following is a piece of writing submitted by MarkHudson on November 22, 2010
"I'm usually grateful year round, but thanksgiving is a time for drinking too much booze and getting on people's nerves."

Thanks but no thanks

The truth is I hate Thanksgiving because my parents are in Florida and my sister goes with my brother-in-law and her kids to Ohio, to visit that side of the family. i do see everybody at Christmas, so I like Christmas better. in past years, i've been invited to a friend of the family's house for thanksgiving, but this year she had knee surgery so it probably won't happen. i'm a very grateful person year around, but I'm not too fond of the holidays. It's supposed to be a time of family and friends, people getting together, but it seems to make people miserable. there was a thing on the news about how there are not enough turkeys in this country for everyone to have one, and with the recession the way it is, some families are really struggling. If you google Thanksgiving there are thousands of examples of why the Native americans hate Thanksgiving so much and why they don't celebrate it. I say i'm grateful, but sometimes i'm not. a friend was supposed to come over today and bring some turkey and food like that and instead he calls and says, " Do you have ten dollars I could borrow?' I said, " No," and he said, " well, maybe I'll bring the turkey over tomorrow." And then I missed my writing group because of it.
I guess one thing I'm grateful for is my pet guinea pig Twitches, and the fact that i'm taking care of a family friend's guinea pig as well while they go on vacation. They want me to put them in the same cage so they''ll have babies. I guess i'll have to think about. the only food I like at thanksgiving is turkey, mostly for making turkey and cheese sandwiches. Other than that, I'd prefer to just order a pizza!

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