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The following is a piece of writing submitted by MarkHudson on November 29, 2010
"You must write every season, every day, every hour, every minute that you are able to do. anything other than that is just meditation."

Seasonal dream

I think fall is my favourite season. i like halloween, and my birthday is november 12. after that, it starts to go downhill. But i don't have much to say about the seasons. so i'll write about a wierd dream i had last night.
Last night, a friend was talking about smoking cigarettes and chewing tobacco. We both used to do it, but have quit for a long time. someone was talking about smoking a cigarette, getting a buzz, and then just becoming addicted all over again. so i had a dream about it.
I had a dream that i was on a veranda, like a fire escape. i went out to have a cigarette, and the door shut and locked behind me. i smoked the cigarette, and i ssaw some people down below. so i slid down a slide, and said, " Could you keep that door open?" and they did.
In the next scene i was in the house of a rich kid i knew from jr. high. he lived in a big house, but said he was on welfare. then we went to a garage, and my paintings were everywhere. He said, " Wow, were these influenced by psychadelics?" and i said. " Yup." And it kind of reminded me of me still trying to get attention with my ego.
then in the next scene, we could see through the window that people were in this rich kid's house. He went to get them. then all of a sudden, I was surrounded by all the people from jr. high who were considered the popular people, the people I never fit in with. They said, " We're going to the Lincoln Memorial center(No such place in real life) want to go?"
And i said, " I have no money,"
And some girl said, " I'll pay for it!" but I really didn't want to go.
So in the next scene i was in a car, and i had my camera poised to take pictures of people on the streets, and i had a big wad of chewing tobacco in my mouth. As the car pulled into a parking space, there were some people right next to us, so i pulled the camera down.
As I stepped out of the car, the people were like, " Did you take a picture of us?" And i said, " No, I didn't," and I really had to spit a load of chewing tobacco out. I woke up from the dream, and i felt like I had just chewed tobacco, so I went and brushed my teeth. Thank God I don't smoke or chew tobacco anymore!

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